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Missing a Friend

800px-pittman_raIt’s been almost two weeks that our friend and customer Medal of Honor recipient Richard Pittman has been gone. We miss him!  Each and every day I come in this shop I look at Rick’s picture on the wall along with all of our heroes that have served our great country ,and say to myself it does my heart good to see ya.  A simple but fitting morning ritual I do everyday.  Now your probably thinking I walk the shop saying good morning to all the pictures… No! but I do look over all the pictures I have and that usually fills my heart and mind of those that are not with us in body but are so much alive in memories by way of visual means; those pictures that hang on the wall.  Rick: I’m sure glad your picture is right in the front by the door because all of those memories of how much you mean to so many people.  Memories that are so easily drawn out all the time.  Rick thank you for your service, thank you for being a great family man and thank you for always being concerned about my son and me and Village Barber Shop! So as I look at these pictures each day I am always inspired by fond memories of those no longer here and those that are, but all are here preserved in these great pictures.  The preservation of memories that words cannot express.


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